Co-Regulation For Parents

Welcome to our Co-Regulation for Parents blog. Here you will find all the latest news about the co-regulation initiative, plus information about the benefits and some great resources for parents. We hope you enjoy it.

The function of the education system

The function of the education system: In our educational system, teachers and students are the main role players. Teachers give the learning content while the students learn it. Students learn through their teacher’s guidance. With this kind of traditional learning system, students learn from the beginning to the end in one-way communication. But with this system, students will not understand what the teachers say and the teachers will not know what students are thinking. Therefore, the relationship between students and teachers becomes poor. To solve these problems, we have to change our traditional education system. Our new educational system has to change to the system of two-way communication. Students and teachers have to communicate with each other to learn what they need.

The effect of school on children’s well-being

The Effect of school on children’s well-being is a research project that aims at evaluating the effects of the educational environment of schoolchildren on their health status, with particular reference to the relationship between such an environment and the cognitive and emotional development of the pupils. The research was carried out in the town of Pescara (Italy) in the second year of high school, as part of a wider study entitled “Children and Schools: The Effects of School on Children’s Well Being”, and is part of the European Project “Schools and Communities”.

Co-Regulation For Parents

The relationship between parents and teachers

This is a blog about the relationship between parents and teachers. It covers a wide range of topics, including the importance of parent-teacher communication; tips on building better relationships with your child’s teacher; and advice on how to become a better parent yourself.

The meaning of discipline

Discipline is the act or habit of regularly and persistently performing some task or action. Discipline is essential in sports training and in any business. In this article, we will see why discipline is important for us and what the benefits of discipline are.

Co-Regulation For Parents

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The role of parents in their children’s education

Parents play a huge role in their children’s education. They provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge so that they can have a successful life. This blog will help parents and caregivers understand how to educate their kids effectively by giving them ideas and tips for parenting and teaching.

The role of children’s education in their lives

The blog talks about the different roles that children can take in society in relation to their education. We give you examples of kids who are working towards goals, developing as citizens, getting involved with community groups and even helping out as carers for others.


I love working with parents,my own children,coached kids in sports. I have seen them grow up. And I’ve been there when I watched other parents go through the same thing. I have a very empathetic heart for parents. They’re often the ones who are suffering from lack of sleep and not eating well. It’s their little angel that they worry about. It’s their little angel who needs a few things and needs to be fed right.

2. So I wanted to write a quick guide on co-regulation for parents. What is it?

3. What is co-regulation? Is it something you already do as a parent?

4. Co-regulation is when a parent or caregiver regulates your child while you regulate yourself.

5. When we co-regulate, we become more mindful of ourselves. We have to eat,rest,exercise,sleep,take our medicine. We have to be ready when the baby cries.

6. I hope this helps you if you are a parent. If you are in need of some help, please reach out to me.

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